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When we were forming our new pediatric clinic, we needed a logo. One of our clinicians had an old high school friend with her own graphic design business. This friend's name was Nancy Towne, owner of Connections in Boulder, Colorado. Nancy asked us what made us different from other Pediatric clinics and wondered how she could illustrate this in our logo. We described our dreams for the new office and our patients and explained why these ideas made us extraordinary. She then created our logo, using the little green creature that had been originally drawn by a five-year old child. The little creature has since been named Izzy by one of our patients. 

Izzy characterizes a child-like creature at the Doctors office, a little bit scared, juggling things (in the logo: a basketball, a heart, and a volleyball; in reality: doctor's office things like smells, finger pokes, throat cultures, shots, etc.). The heart that Izzy is juggling and looking at, with an essence of trust, represents all of us at All About Children Pediatrics who care for Izzy. 

The name Izzy comes in handy with having two completely separate waiting rooms, one for well kids and one for sick kids. So the question is, ... "Izzy well, or Izzy sick?"

We really don't know if Izzy is a boy or a girl ... Izzy could be short for Elizabeth, or short for Ezekiel. Izzy respresents both.

All About Children's logo is child-friendly, just like we are. Our logo us unique, symbolizing our intention to go beyond the expected level of care and deliver state of the art pediatric care in a warm and friendly environment, where the children will feel safe and cared for. 

We hope you and your children come to enjoy Izzy as much as we do. 

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