At All About Children, we understand that you may want to obtain information regarding the health care needs of your children from additional sources.  Below are several website addresses that may be of interest to you.  Please note, these links are intended to provide information and education only, they should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment or advice.  If you have questions or immediate medical concerns, please call us at 952-943-8200. 

Children’s Hospital (

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota includes both Minneapolis and St. Paul locations, and is one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country. This website contains medical information for your family, allows you to organize your child’s medical history, and provides information regarding visits and appointments at the hospital.

Children's Physician Network (

Children's Physician Network (CPN) is a pediatric provider network comprised of primary care providers, specialty providers, and Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. This website contains information for families with children of all ages. Just click on For Families. They also have an exercise program to promote healthy lifestyles through exercise and nutrition entitled Kinergy online. 

American Academy of Pediatrics (

This website contains information for parents regarding all areas of pediatrics, from newborns through adolescence. There are featured articles covering topics such as parenting, development, immunizations, and internet safety. There is also a children’s health section containing information on behavioral and mental health, specific diseases, and community health topics. The AAP has an online bookstore, as well, where many parent resources are available.

KidsHealth provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. Created by The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, KidsHealth provides families with accurate, up-to-date, and jargon-free health information they can use. This website has separate areas for kidsteens, and parents — each with its own design, age-appropriate content, and tone. 

Travel information (

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website provides excellent information regarding travelers’ health. This is a valuable resource for families traveling outside of the United States, and includes safety information as well as immunization guidelines and current infectious risks. 

Seat Belt Safety (

This Minnesota Department of Public Safety website discusses car seat safety for children. It contains information regarding car seat installation, inspection clinics, recall information and choosing car seats for children with special needs.