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By All About Children Pediatrics
July 03, 2019
Category: Child Health Care
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Once your child is born it’s amazing just how quickly they grow and develop. It seems like you blink and suddenly they are talking and walking. During these important milestones it’s also important to have a pediatrician that you turn to regularly to make sure that these developmental milestones are being met and that your child is healthy. After all, if there are any problems you want to find out as soon as possible when early medical interventions can make all the difference.

From the moment your child is born until 2 years old, your pediatrician will most likely want to see them every six months for wellness check ups. After your child turns 2 years old you should still bring them in once a year for a routine physical exam and preventive care. Along with checking your child’s vital signs and monitoring their height and weight your pediatrician will also check hearing, eyesight, respiration, cardiac activity and reflexes.

A physical exam will check all systems of your child’s body to make sure that everything is functioning properly. If your child’s doctor does detect a problem it can be treated immediately. Along with a physical exam your child will also undergo any additional screenings and vaccinations that are necessary for maintaining optimal health.

Furthermore, your pediatrician can also recommend workout routines and appropriate physical activity for your child based on their current health and lifestyle, as well as recommendations on diet, sleeping habits and even their emotional and behavioral health. Even if a pediatrician won’t be able to fully treat all conditions they can still refer your child to a specialist who will be able to handle a specific health problem or injury.

Once a child is old enough to go to school it’s also important that parents schedule their child’s sports physical so that they can participate in physical activity and school sports. An annual sports physical can detect past injuries and other problems that could affect your child’s ability to participate in certain activities.

These physical exams are often mandatory before a child can play school sports; however, even if it isn’t mandatory you should still bring your child in once a year for a comprehensive sports physical to make sure that they are healthy enough for certain physical activity.

Make sure your child is seeing their pediatrician regularly for care, not just when they are sick but also to ward away infections and other health problems. Schedule your child’s next physical exam today.

By All About Children Pediatrics
February 25, 2019
Category: Child Health

If your child is planning to participate in sports they will need a physical.

Has your child’s school required that they get a sports physical? If so, you may be wondering what a sports physical entails and why it’s so important. If your child is healthy, you may certainly wonder how this physical Child Sports Physicalcan benefit them (after all, they are healthy right?). From the office of our Eden Prairie, MN, pediatricians, find out more about sports physicals and why every child should have one.

Why does my child’s school require a sports physical?

Also referred to as a pre-participation examination, a sports physical at our Eden Prarie office is the best way for your pediatrician to evaluate the overall health of your child before any physical activity begins. A sports physical will examine all parts of the body so as to detect any problems that could hinder your child’s ability to participate in sports. By making sure that your child gets a sports physical every year, you are also staying up-to-date on their health.

What is involved in a sports physical?

If your child has just decided to participate in sports for the first time this year, you may have no idea what goes into getting a sports physical. Well, when your child comes into our office for their evaluation, we will,

  • Record their vital signs (e.g. blood pressure; heart rate), as well as their height and weight
  • Check their hearing, respiration, and vision
  • Check their posture and musculoskeletal system
  • Test reflexes, joint flexibility, and strength

Some children have past injuries or health issues that they don't even know about until they come in for a sports physical. For example, we may discover that your child has asthma. Given that asthma attacks can be brought about by exercise, your child will need some accommodation before participating in sports. By providing your child with the proper inhalers and medications to keep their asthma symptoms under control, they can enjoy being involved in sports and reduce their risk for an asthma attack.

Call today!

It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to scheduling your child’s sports physical, for once they start the school year, their schedules can become rather jam-packed. Why not schedule their physical before the start of the school year so that it isn’t an issue? Call All About Children Pediatrics in Eden Prairie, MN, today at (952) 943-8200 to schedule your child’s upcoming sports physical.