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June 11, 2019
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Your pediatricians in Eden Prairie, MN, can vaccinate your child against serious diseases

You may be wondering about immunizations. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the flood of information about vaccinationsimmunizations. Are they safe? Does my child really need them? The truth is, immunizations are one of the most important healthcare decisions you will ever make to protect your child. The pediatricians at All About Children Pediatrics in Eden Prairie, MN, offer immunizations along with other pediatric services to make sure your child enjoys great health.

Immunizations have saved millions of lives, keeping people safe from serious, and even deadly diseases. Meningitis, influenza, and hepatitis are just a few of the diseases which have been reduced or virtually eliminated thanks to immunizations. Unfortunately, there has been a resurgence of measles due in large part to the reluctance of some parents to have their children vaccinated.

Vaccines are safe, because the medications have been rigorously tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration before they are ever released for public use.

Vaccines are effective, because they have a long history of disease prevention going back decades.

There are many reasons why immunizations are important. They are required for your child to enter daycare or attend school, and you must show documentation that your child is up-to-date on immunizations.

Immunizations are also important protection for your child, for you, for teachers and other adults your child comes into contact with, and for your child’s playmates and friends. Immunizations protect everyone from serious or deadly diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control or CDC sets out guidelines for immunizations from birth through age 18, which are listed below:

  • (Hep B) Hepatitis B
  • (Dtap) Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
  • (Hib) Haemophilus influenza type B
  • (IPV) Polio
  • (PCV13) Pneumococcal conjugate
  • (RV) Rotavirus
  • (MMR) Measles, mumps, rubella
  • (Varicella) Chickenpox
  • (HepA) Hepatitis A
  • (HPV) Human papillomavirus
  • (MCV4) Meningococcal conjugate
  • (Influenza) Flu

Don’t take chances with your child’s health. Get your child immunized! For more information about the importance of immunizations and other pediatric services, call the pediatricians at All About Children Pediatrics in Eden Prairie, MN, today!